New Bjork video – “Wanderlust”

Icelandic pixie (yes that’s how you are officially supposed to refer to the musician) Bjork’s new video “Wanderlust” is not surprisingly reminiscent of that bad druggie flashback.? Don’t ask me to explain what’s going on here.? The video was created by two San Francisco dudes Isiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch.

Thankfully we have the fine journos at the New York Times to help explain the thing for us.? The best part is her trying to figure out if the video makers were serious about taking ‘shrooms as inspiration for the video.? Um, yeah, it’s a Bjork video.? First up is Bjork.

And now the old gray lady folks.? But you’ll have to follow the links for it.? Trust me, after watching that video you’ll want an explanation.

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