New deets on Supergrass’s sixth album “Diamond Hoo Ha”

England’s Supergrass have been flying under the radar the past few years (well practically a decade stateside). Their fifth album, Road to Rouen was a decent enough collection but just didn’t build on any of the foundation built by the exceptional and solid work of the band’s four previous albums.

diamond_hoo_ha.jpgDiamon Hoo Ha will be released on March 24 and was produced by Nick Launey (Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs). That doesn’t seem like a logical choice for a producer, especially because the album is being hailed as a glam-rock affair. Interesting to see what Supergrass’s take on the glam rock thing will be, since if any band has the chops for that sort of silly, grandiose rock it would be Gaz Coombes and his mates.

As they’ve matured into a band, Supergrass has lost a bit of that youthful verve that marked so much of their early output. I don’t think we’ll ever hear another album like Caught By the Fuzz, which was playful and funny in ways a lot of music isn’t. That’s not to say that they’ve become a lesser band, as each album has become consistently better. Maybe they haven’t had that one or two great songs, but each song on later albums have been overall stronger.

Also of note, is that the band has been playing some shows under the moniker Diamond Hoo Ha Men, which you can ask Garth Brooks, going the alter ego route is never a good move. But maybe Supergrass can buck the trend.

Diamond Hoo Ha is out March 24 on Parlophone Records.

Gaz Coombes and Danny Goffey (aka Duke and Randy Diamond) on XFM London Jan. 11, 2008

Download the entire set (Zip). Tracklist for the new album after the jump.

Tracklist for “Diamond Hoo Ha”

  1. ‘Diamond Hoo Ha Man’
  2. ‘Bad Blood’
  3. ‘Rebel In You’
  4. ‘When I Needed You’
  5. ‘345’
  6. ‘Return Of Inspiration’
  7. ‘Rough Knuckles’
  8. ‘Ghost Of A Friend’
  9. ‘Whisky & Green Tea’
  10. ‘Outside’
  11. ‘Butterfly’

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  • Dave February 1, 2008, 12:46 am

    Where can I get me a copy of the Caught by the Fuzz album?