New Franz Ferdinand – “Lucid Dreams”

Scottish rockers Franz Ferdinand have been curiously absent from the music scene over the past few years, taking a much needed break perhaps, or better yet allowing the public to forget about them so that their return is much more anticipated (lots of bands should take this approach). Either way, or for whatever reason, it’s been welcomed.

I love pretty much everything off their first two bass-heavy, stadium-ready anthems. There’s a danceable groove to their music, the kind where it’s just as easy to pump your first or tap your toes.

“Lucid Dreams” forgoes all of that for something much less intense but no less enjoyable. The dance grooves are still there, along with some intentional vinyl hiss and pops. Here they’ve dialed back the delivery of their sound without sacrificing what we’ve come to love about the band.

You’ll have to enter an e-mail addy to hear the entire song.

[via Idolator]

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