New Jack Johnson video – “Hope”

Hope everyone had a great weekend.? We’re taking today to catch up on a lot of stuff that has been piling up.? So you can expect a fairly busy day from us today and then we’ll be back to our old slacker selves for the foreseable week.? To kick things off we’ve got the new video from Jack Johnson.

It’s for “Hope,” just one of many excellent tracks of his new LP Sleep Through the Static.? I got to thinking recently, that Jack Johnson in many ways resembles Tom Petty.? Neither are particularly great at the guitar or particularly deep with their lyrics, or have any discernable quality that you would call outstanding.? But there’s something about both of them that makes them so damn enjoyably uncool.

This video is emblematic of that.? Just the band in the studio singing and playing in a relaxed way. ? Still though I wish this album has come out about a month before summer.

Sleep Through the Static is out now via Brushfire Records.

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