New Jackie Moon video – “Love Me Sexy”

I wasn’t sold on Will Ferrell’s upcoming basketball romp, Semi-Pro.? To be honest it looked a bit like the worst Will Ferrell movies recently.? You know the ones where Ferrell plays the overconfident, pompous asshole (who’s secretly insecure inside).? Just substitute news anchor for figure skater, for NASCAR race driver, for soccer coach, yadda yadda.

I can’t believe I just included Anchorman with that list.? Someone shoot me, cause that was a great flick.? Anyway, Semi-Pro, may possibly be good.? And this video of Jackie Moon getting his inner 70’s funk on is pretty hilarious.? Jackie Moon is a former singer-turned owner/player/coach of the ABA Flint Tropics basketball team.? Moon, puts more time into pregame promotions than he does basketball.

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