New Jay-z tune signaling a Blueprint 3?


It’s not. Recently, an old song titled “Ain’t I” surfaced and led to much speculation over whether or not this was going to lead to a Blueprint 3. It’s a great song and considering the timing of the leak, with Jigga’s American Gangster album still doing pretty well (though we cop to not having gotten a copy yet), releasing a new song not from the album makes little business sense.

Still, with lyrics on “Ain’t I” that relate to Jay-Z’s current state of affairs (“I took a pay cut to become a exec/ So the next mother—-er can earn his paycheck/ And even though these n—as talk greasy ’bout me/ Ask these n—as how they gonna eat without me!”), people think that there’s some validity to rumors about the impending release of Blueprint 3.

“I’m a hustler’s hustler/ a gangster’s gangster/ I’m a rapper’s rapper/ Your favorite, ain’t I?” Jay-Z spits. And the beat reminds you of the vibe from his back-in-day Timbaland collaboration “Lobster and Scrimp.”

Well, MTV News contacted Jay-Z’s rep Wednesday night. Jay’s spokesperson said that, while the song may be new to the general public, it is an old recording that was previously unreleased. Jigga’s rep also said he has made no announcement about a new LP, Blueprint 3 or otherwise.

So there ya go. Great tune, but it’s just that. Not connected in any way to any upcoming albums, etc. Though don’t be surprised if this track winds up on a future album because it’s that good.

Mp3: “Ain’t I”

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