New Kanye West video – “Champion”

This Kanye West as puppet video is about a day old, which makes it McCainian by internet standards, but I figured it would go well with the news that Kanye plans to open 10 Chicago-area Fat Burgers.

Hip-hop artist Kanye West’s KW Foods LLC, which has rights to develop 10 Fatburgers in the Chicago area, plans to open another one in January at 95th and Western Avenue in the Beverly neighborhood, according to a spokeswoman for Santa Monica, Calif.-based burger chain Fatburger Corp.

The Orland Park outlet doesn?t have a firm opening date in September, the spokeswoman said.

I’ve never eaten at a Fat Burger, but if it gets the ‘Ye seal of approval, I’ll gladly check one out.? <deadpan sarcasm>Apparently, it’s the last great hamburger stand, or so they tell me.</deadpan sarcasm>

Also, that’s one of the strongest tracks off his latest record.

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