New Kristoffer Ragnstam video – “Swing that Tambourine”

Kristoffer Ragnstam is a Swedish singer/songwriter. We just got our hands on a copy of his 2008 album Wrong Side of the Room. At first listen he comes off in the same mold of Jack Johnson or John Mayer, but his arrangements and ambition seem to be something much grander than either of those two guys. I’d say he has more in common with Beck, more than anyone else. He’s eclectic, shifting from genre to genre effortlessly.

In “Swing that Tambourine” the song starts off with that Southern Cali, slow-dub rhythm – you know the one made obnoxious in every Jack Johnson song and the one that Sublime helped make popular. Still, about a minute into this song when the pianos start twinkling and the other instruments begin to build it’s clear that he has something much more glorious in mind than your average campfire sing-along song.

The video, directed by Adam Buncher, has Ragnstam in a Twilight Zone situation of trying to escape from a box! Twist ending alert!

Also: This is a great interview with him.
Mp3: Kristoffer Ragnstam – “Swing that Tambourine”
And: Wrong Side of the Room drops Aug. 19 on Bluhammock Records [Buy the record]

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  • Casey August 22, 2008, 10:10 am

    Kristoffer is the KING of Swedish alternative. He’s completely reinvented the genre. forget abba and ace of base stereo types, kris’s music is a must have. best record of the year!