New Los Campesinos! video – “My Year in Lists”

The Cardiff, Wales ensemble Los Campesinos! burst onto the scene last year based upon the strength of an EP of oddly catchy, slightly grating pop tunes.? It called to mind a juvenile Broken Social Scene, which isn’t outlandish since Los Campesinos! signed to the BSS label Arts & Crafts.

Their first full length dropped physically today, but it’s been out digitally for a while now.? Hold on Now, Youngster isn’t a radically departure from their EP.? I dig it, but I could easily understand if someone told me they found the band and album slightly annoying.

Anyhow, we like lists and this video finds them much more reserved in the video.? Song is pretty par for what you would expect, however.? But it does have the great line: “I cherish with fondness the day (before) I met you.”

Hold On Now, Youngster… is out today on Arts & Crafts.

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