New Miniature Tigers video: “Cannibal Queen”

I’ve never heard of the Miniature Tigers, who are a Phoenix foursome, but I was piqued with interest in this video/song for several reasons.  The first, is it was directed by JD Ryznar who helped create Yacht Rock, and second, the opening guitar line is straight cribbed from both Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” and Stevie Nick’s “Edge of Seventeen.”

That’s good company and really if we’re talking rock music dinner parties one could do worse than having Survivor and Stevie Nicks attending.  Throw in some combination of Jesus, Albert Einstein and Abe Lincoln and you’re set.

However, I recommend it for a one other reason.  There’s a moment in the absurdly comical video when the Raiders of the Lost Ark goon explodes into a nasty guitar shredder.  Comic gold.

Actually, the song’s pretty catchy.  Always a bonus.

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