New Miracle Fortress video – “Have You Seen in Your Dreams”

Canada’s Miracle Fortress is the work of one Graham Van Pelt.? Their 2007 LP Five Roses was one of the best albums to be released last year.? It was a dreamy collection of adventurous sonic pop tunes, heavily influenced by soaring vocals harmonies of The Beach Boys creative peak, the throbbing basslines and ringing guitars of Yo La Tengo, but the album is full of restraint and subtlety.? Van Pelt will never over power, but he will get under your skin and have you wanting to listen again and again.

One of the better track from the album finally gets the video treatment.? “Have You Seen in Your Dreams” features some clever etch-a-sketching.? The song really achieves greatness at about 1:15 into the song when there is that strange fluttering of noise just beneath the surface of the song.

Mp3: Miracle Fortress – “Have You Seen in Your Dreams”

Five Roses is out now via Secret City Records. ? [BUY]

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