New Old 97’s video – Dance With Me

Rhett Miller’s Old 97’s outfit has been on hiatus for quite some time, but the group released a new album this year and from what I’ve heard it’s quite good.? The first single from the album, Blame it On Gravity, has now gotten the video treatment starring Caprica Six, aka Tricia Helfer.

Apparently when Helfer isn’t riding motorcycles with Katee Sackhoff, aka Starbuck, she’s taking some time to star in music videos.

What I love about the video for “Dance With Me” is the song has this sultry tango vibe to it and the director and band went all sci-fi geeky on us.? Completely pulled the ole switcheroo.

So now we’ve got an uberfan of the show who’ll do just about anything to get a dance with Tricia Helfer and why not?? She’s quite beautiful.? Though I think I prefer Starbuck.

Randomly: I remember seeing a photo shoot a while ago of these two actresses wearing bikinis and sitting on motorcycles and at the time I thought that’s weird, but now not so much after reading the LA Times article.? Does anyone know where I can find that photo shoot?

Mp3: Old 97’s – “Dance With Me”

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