New Raconteurs video – “Salute Your Solution”

Geez, it seems like even just being out of commish for four days the entire internet exploded. There’s so much that has happened over the past couple of days. But one of the big things is Jack White’s other band The Raconteurs quickly announced and then released their sophomore effort Consolers of the Lonely. You can download the album from their official website.

On the first few listens: It’s a fairly solid effort, but it doesn’t really tread new territory for the band and Jack’s fingerprint is all over the album, almost too much. Still, though, it’s a good outting. Nothing to be ashamed about. On the same day they released the album, the band also released the first video for the song.

The video consists of 2500 still photographs from rock photographer Autumn de Wilde assembled into something that comes off like choppy animation. Though we love the video and album and the release strategy, the album did leak early causing web sheriff some consternation (or happiness?) and some websites grief in the process.

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  • ekko March 28, 2008, 8:52 am

    I’m one of the bloggers who got pointless grief over this record. I think as bloggers, our community owes it to ourselves not to buy from labels who do this kind of crap. Plugging leaks, I get. Stopping full album downloads, I get. But I didn’t post ANY studio tracks–just a few live ones. We need to show them that they need us more than we need a new Racs album. There’s so many great indie artists to support.

    Screw Warner.

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