New She & Him video: “Why Don’t You Let Me Stay Here?”

If Zooey Deschanel killed me I would still love her, would probably still attempt to envelop her in a gigantic bloody bear hug. There is no one more adorable right now working in the entertainment industry. In her first video she still looks rather uncomfortable, or at least as uncomfortable as people were saying she looked performing live, but here with animated birds and ghosts she amps the cute factor to 11.

That we get the unexpected surprise of her killing people in the video is just gravy. Seriously, this is one of the most morbid videos I’ve seen in a while, but it’s all good because Deschanel is cute as a button.

Also: M. Ward, otherwise known as the guitar guy in the above video, but known more famously for his dusty, throwback folk music is re-releasing his album Transfigurations of Vincent on vinyl. The good folks over at Merge Records are offering free downloads for three demos tracks cut from the album. Get them here (registration required).

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