New The Boy Least Likely To songs


England’s twee pop band The Boy Least Likely To have released two songs off their upcoming new album. Both are sweet little ditties. “Balloon on a Broken String” finds the band minding similar territory to their debut album, The Best Party Ever. However, the lyrics mark a more grown up band. Rather than filled with childlike whimsy, the song uses the balloon on a broken string as a metaphor for the excitement of getting out of a relationship you didn’t want to be in. It’s sad for a few days, but then you realize, shit, I’m totally free and I can do whatever I want. Even if that means drinking PBR, going boxers only, and eating mac and cheese on your couch for seven straight days.

It’s a great tune and I can tell this is gonna be in heavy rotation straight through the spring. It has that feeling of a glorious spring tune.

“The Boy Least Likely To is a Machine” opens with a plucky banjo before segueing into perhaps the strangest sounding song the band has done. I think I like it, but it isn’t nearly as catchy as “balloon.”

The band also give a heads up about some things in a new blog post.

i think one of them might be a single before then as well. i couldn’t fit all of the title for ‘the boy least likely to is a machine’ into the text box when i was uploading the songs so i’ve had to abbreviate it to ‘tbllt is a machine’. it hurt me to do it.

and also there’s the new artwork. it’s the first of the characters that make up the artwork for the new album. it’s a bird and it’s been knitted from one of the drawings that my brother does. but i’ll have to post another blog about that tomorrow because it’s a long story and it involves pictures and a lot of explaining and i just wanted to post something short and simple today because we were putting the new songs up.

Sounds good. Look for the new album this summer.

Mp3: The Boy Least Likely To – “Balloon on a Broken String”
Stream: The Boy Least Likely To – ?The Boy Least Likely To Is a Machine?

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