New The Hold Steady video – “Stay Positive”

“Because everyone seemed to completely forget about The Hold Steady this year, which is only more proof that history is dying and long-term memory has become short-term memory and short-term memory has become a dream,” writes Rex Sorgatz.  To which, I would say, well yes.  Sort of.

It’s not so much that people’s memories have contracted to the point of not existing, which to a degree they have; when it comes to music people treat bands and musicians as they would movies – they’re not necessarily inclined to get down with a sequel to a beloved original.  Debut albums are movies and the majority of music writers aren’t inclined to find the sequel as interesting as the original.

A shame really.

The Hold Steady’s Stay Positive was an album I had on constant spin this year.  It will certainly be on my year end list or would be if I do one.  And this video makes me miss the graffiti and urban decay that you have to look really hard to find nowadays.   With gentrification and all.

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