New The New Pornographers video -“Myriad Harbour”

“Myriad Harbour” is such an affecting yet strange composition.? It’s a simple song about landing in New York City and ambling for something great to happen in the way that only seems possible in NYC.? I don’t know what it is, but the thing that strikes me about NYC is that anything can happen once you get there.? That feeling of aliveness just doesn’t exist in the same light in other cities.

I’m not sure this video does that, but the animation is cool nonetheless. ? On this song, Dan Bejar’s vocals have never been better and I wonder how this song would mutate if it were done by Bejar’s regular band Destroyer. ? When he sings with The New Pornographers, you almost feel like Carl has to reel in some of Bejar’s most ambitious tendancies.

Mp3: The New Pornographer’s – “Myriad Harbour”

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