New Tokyo Police Club video – “Graves”

Tokyo Police Club come in hard and fast, with shimmering, angular songs. Tessallate is the word that comes to mind.

Their debut album Elephant Shell clocks in around 30 minutes. Which is the ideal length for an album in this ADHD musical world we live in. It’s over before you know it. The only problem is that the songs kinda song samey – they bleed together.

“Graves” gets the video treatment with the band playing in an antique store. The people are frozen and the lights have a mind of their own. It’s scary in the same way getting dragged to antique stores as a kid is scary. “Don’t touch anything!” or um, “You break it you buy it!” were two of my favorite condescending sayings. And no Mom, those were from the shop owners, so don’t worry. Strange that after all these years, I’m only now just appreciating those kind of stores. This video, though, we can appreciate now.

Mp3: Tokyo Police Club – “Graves”

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