New Travis video – “New Amsterdam”

The latest Travis album was one of our unexpected surprises in 2007.? We’ll make no proclamations that it was a “return to form” or what-have-you.? But it was an exceptionally emotional pop-rock album.? Their first video for “Selfish Jean” was a humorous affair with comedian Dmetri Martin.? This time around the lads go for the impressionistic approach, hiring director/artist Gary Rough.

The video shows a New York City that I would want to live in, far more than the one I occassionally visit for a few days every other year or so.? The thing is New York City always gets me down, or just makes me feel clastrophobic after a few days, that I have a hard time thinking about living in the city or staying for an extended period of time.

But this video, well, this is the City as I always imagined it would be.

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