Pearly links to start your day in which a member of The Shins attains douchebag status

Lots of stuff going on and I wish I had more time in the day to talk about them, but unfortunately we’ll have to settle for some pearly links and always feel free to discuss in the comments below.? I should be back tonight with a book review, which is something we’re going to start more of this year.? Because I’ve rediscovered how much fun reading can be in light of no television.

-The keyboardists for The Shins bitch slapped his now ex-girlfriend (Elyse Sewell who was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model) over the weekend. Marty Crandall is due in court today. Ultragrrl has a funny Wikipedia screengrab about Crandell. And yes, if you hit a girl you are officially a douche. Subpop, the record label for the band issued an official statement yesterday, which all but confirms Crandall’s douchey status as a girlfriend beater.

– Seems that Gemma Arterton isn’t really a sexy Bond girl afterall. Which might give credence to our suspicion that she is in fact Miss Moneypenny. Well, she’s playing the character of “Field” but still. Anyway, Ukranian hottie Olga Kurylenko has been cast as the Bond girl. She fits the bill: tall, sexy, mysterious and foreign.

– Speaking of Bond 22, here are some early set photos.

– The Golden Globes have been cancelled. They were supposed to air this Sunday. Which begs the question: if an awards show is cancelled and no one watches it anyway was it still cancelled?

– Slashfilm has an excellent roundup of some fake news reports concerning the “Cloverfield” monster. You can’t actually see the monster, however.

– Miramax has pooled together a roundtable to movie journalists/writers inlcuding Harry Knowles from AICN, Elvis Mitchell as the moderator, etc. to discuss the ending of The Cohen Brothers’s No Country For Old Men. If you haven’t seen the movie then don’t listen, otherwise this only serves to stir the pot of the controversial ending.

– Curiously G.I. Joe producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has an interview with IESB to defend his lame casting decisions fro the movie.

– Is Conan the funniest man on television? After all the late night hosts have come back only Conan has been consistently funny, since he’s probably funny to hang out with in real life, unlike say… Jay Leno. After his hilarious turn singing “Sabotage” in the vein of Archie Bunker’s wife, he takes on “Blue Moon of Kentucky” and damn is he good. I could watch Conan sing songs like this all day long.

– Nicole Kidman is preggers! And um, that’s all there really is to say about that.

– British music press picks the 10 artists they think will break out in 2008 and um, you know it’s no good when I’ve only heard of two of them and even then I’ve only heard of those two bands, still haven’t gotten around to listening to them.

– AMC has launched the official site for their next original series Breaking Bad. It stars actor Brian Cranston, best known as the dad from Malcom in the Middle, as a high school chemistry teacher who turns to a life of crime. Hopefully, the show will be on par with the excellent Mad Men.

– Dan Bejar chats with Billboard about the new Destroyer record, Trouble in Dreams, due out March 18 via Merge Records. Bejar is the bees knees in both Destroyer and the New Pornographers. He’ll also be doing some touring in support of the album, which is a great thing because it happens so rarely.

– Finally, Battlestar Galactica fans have to wait until April for the new season to begin. And it’s driving me crazy. Seriously. I wish that I hadn’t seen Razor back in November because it had a Pavlovian effect on me. Head over here for a new photo from an upcoming Entertainment Weekly. There are links abound about what this Last supper type of photo means for the final season.

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