Pete Doherty to destroy Scientology from inside out?


In this marketing driven world we live in, a trainwreck like Pete Doherty is comforting.? No one embraces the mythology of the drugged out rockstar quite like the Babyshambles frontman.? Could you imagine if he was as focused and driven as Tom Cruise?? The world wouldn’t be right, it would tilt off its axis ever so slightly.

Word on the street is that Doherty has taken up an interest in Scientology from his partner/love interest DJ Nadine Ruddy.? Not quite sure what records a Scientologist DJ would spin, but we have a feeling that if Doherty was recruited into Tom’s cult he would probably destroy it.

Doherty is a great songwriter, but he’s also a prolific destroyer of things.

A source said: ?Nadine is really into Scientology. She takes her beliefs very seriously.

?Pete?s chatted a lot with her about it. He went out and bought some books to read up about it.

?He just wanted to find out more about Nadine and what she believes in.?

I can only imagine how those meetings would go with Doherty sneaking out to snort a few lines or shoot up some H.? Still, though it’s a funny image of a fictional meeting between Pete Doherty and Tom Cruise.

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