Peter Gabriel scoring “Wall-E?”

Interesting bit over at Peter Gabriel’s website.? He’s posted a new video to his sight where he talks about working with the upcoming Pixar movie Wall-E.? When the international trailer debuted last week, showing us just a bit more about the film, well it sent us even further to gagaville over the movie.

This however, makes us even more excited.? If you can believe that.? In all the trailers all we really get to hear is the whimsy of the 1939 song “Brazil.”? You have to suffer through Peter talking about car batteries, his broken leg, Stumbleupon and some other things before getting to the good stuff.

“We’re working on a song for a new Pixar film.? Andrew Stanton asked us to write one.? It’s about a robot left to clean up all the garbage on Earth after the humans have left,” he says.? “Lot of cool ideas and some of it is a response to Kubrick’s 2001, which made a huge impression on me when I was 17.? I’ve written some new bits, but also trying some glue on some stuff already written.”

He goes on to say that film people are frequently coming to his studio.? Gabriel has had experience in the past scoring the movies Birdy and Last Temptation of Christ, both excellent scores in their own right.? Here’s hoping he can work some magic for Pixar.

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