Pink Floyd-themed cruise taking off

It would take a lot to get me to go on a cruise.? I just don’t see the inherent joy in spending a week on a floating mall.? Like other modes of travel, cruises have lost the sophisticated luxury of their heyday.? Sorry, but if I want to go eat at Ruby Tuesday’s I’ll do so without the ocean beneath me.

Concert cruises, like Jam Cruise, could potentially swing me in the other direction.? Meaning, if I’m going to spend a week on a ginormous boat in the middle of the ocean I’d rather do so getting sloppy drunk and listening to some rad tunes and then chill on some awesome beach for a few days at a time.

The appeal of hitting golf balls and climbing a rock wall aren’t there for me, but neither is hunkering down in a private beach on some third world country (there is a distinction between a this type of beach and other beaches.? Somehow private beaches owned by a Cruise Line seems oppressively colonial.).

Would I pay to spend a week on a Pink Floyd-themed cruise? I dunno.? Pink Floyd in general sorta scare me.? I love their music, but it’s scary sci fi shit that I have to be in a particular mood to listen to.? i.e. not floating around the ocean.? What about a Bob Marley-themed cruise?? Or perhaps something a bit more upbeat.

Kiqstart Music, an entertainment company based in New York, and Think Floyd USA, touted as the number one touring production of Pink Floyd in the country (in other words, a cover band), are hosting the three-night voyage on the Carnival Imagination in May 2009.

Dubbed the “Great Gig in the Sea,” the outing will include elaborate performances by the Pink Floyd mimickers (who claim that they have received personal acclaim from Pink Floyd star David Gilmour himself) — including a complete rendition of the album Dark Side of the Moon. Pink Floyd trivia contests, parties and games also are planned. Cabins for the cruise, which leaves out of Miami on May 1, 2009 and includes a stop in Nassau in the Bahamas, start at $379 per person, based on double occupancy.

Head to to book your cabin.? It should be noted that the real Pink Floyd is nowhere to be seen on this cruise and that it’s Think Floyd USA, the cover band, that will be supply the good times.

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