Puff Puff … forget it, take it back I don’t want it

This is the most effective anti-weed commercial ever. Seriously. The Drug Czar should hire these guys to make smoking weed look like the dumbest thing ever – which they’ve already done. After watching this video, I’m inclined to agree with Mom Oyster that drugs are bad.

Also, for whatever reason I kept thinking of Melissa Ethridge during the entirety of this Hannah’s Field video. Moral of the story is make drugs look dumb and people might stop doing them. Just sayin’

Also, I couldn’t stop laughing. This can’t be for real can it? Apparently it is. Here’s their website.

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  • Ted Koppel June 13, 2008, 8:13 am

    I agree this video makes me want to not use drugs. It?s sad, pathetic, and annoying. I can?t think of a better word to describe Hannah than a tool.