Animated Legos set to Radiohead

A little bit ago, Radiohead released a video for “House of Cards” featuring a 3D image of Thom Yorke’s head. The video was shot using 3D plotting techniques about the shapes and relative distances of objects. The video was created entirely with visualizations of that data. No cameras or lights were used at all. The band released the data used in the video, possibly in hopes that people would recreate the video or do some cool things with it.

Someone went through the data bit by bit and reproduced it painstakingly with Legos. Brick. By. Brick. And then animated it with time lapse photography. Obviously there is a bit of fakery involved here, along with digitally rendered Legos, but otherwise this is a cool bit of ephemera.

Oddly, it looks like the Talking Heads album cover for Remain in the Light. We didn’t stop there though, we’ve rounded up the best Radiohead-Lego mashups for you.

Radiohead meets Star Wars meets Legos is probably the perfect geek collaboration.

Radiohead, Bright Eyes meet 1984 through Legos is even geekier.

The death of Candy Lane set to “Street Spirit.”

A 9-year-old with help from his dad made this little ditty featuring Thom York solo. Clearly, the little guy has some issues to work out as he likes to stab Lego people. But it’s cool nonetheless.

This woulda been even better if they had continued with the video. But you’ve got to wonder just how much effort it takes to put even a one-minute clip of a guy falling out of a window takes? Anyway, here’s “Just.”

“The Path” is a short film of sorts, set to “I Shot the Moon.” It’s a strange bit of animation, made stranger by the dreamlike song. Had, say he used Katrina and the Waves the video would probably be exciting and full of vigor!

“Karma Police” in Legos! Well, one day in the future. Get on that shit. I wanna see a stop motion Lego movie based on the song “Karma Police.”

And finally, we saved the worst for last. A Lego digger thing spins out of control set to “No Surprises.” And it’s not just an ironic use of the song. There really is no surprise in this video, other than the people singing in the background?

Seeing all of these videos, however, it’s clear that Michel Gondry needs to get off his ass and work with Radiohead to create the greatest time lapse photography Radiohead/Lego video the world has ever seen. He worked wonders for The White Stripes and now Thom Yorke and Co. deserve the same treatment.

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