Radiohead on Conan last night

So Conan’s first musical guest way back in 1993 was a much more emo and shaggy looking Radiohead. “Creep” was undeniably cool, but there was no to portent that that band would become the singular band of my generation. Well, for a lot of folks in my generation, I would never profess to speak for an entire group of people. Still.

So Radiohead dropped by Conan last night for a green rendition of In Rainbows tune “House of Cards.” And by drop by we mean they played a pre-recorded version of the song from London. Because flying to New York would increase their carbon footprint. They even offered some advice: “Recycle your shopping bags Conan.” I guess you can say any old snotty thing and get away with it so long as it’s with a British accent.

Mp3: Radiohead – “House of Cards”(4/23/2008)

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