Sigur Ros and Bjork – “Gobbledigook”

When I tried tuning in for the Sigur Ros and Bjork live concert feed on Saturday, I gave up after a few tries when nothing loaded. I’d say it’s highly disappointing and that National Geographic should have been prepared to deliver a better stream or handle the high volume of track. Either way, it’s upsetting.

What I didn’t realize is that Sigur Ros and Bjork were playing together or would play together. They each did a set and then played together. Sorry, I’ve been in the sun all morning. There hasn’t been much in the way of decent clips, Lots of great clips can be found, but here’s the latest single from the new Sigur Ros album, “Gobbledigook.” I love that Bjork is on drums and looks so excited to be playing.

I woulda given anything to be able to watch this and would have given more to have seen this show live.

For good measure we’ve got Bjork singing “Wanderlust” and “Hyperballad” after the jump.

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