Someone mutilated Ringo


Man, you know this just isn’t right. I’m probably the only one here who will admit that Ringo is his favorite Beatle. Does that say more about me or Ringo? Who knows.

However, someone recently took offense to some unsavory remarks Ringo made about Liverpool and decided to decapitate a foliage sculpture created by Franco Covill. The sculpture was housed in the Liverpool South Parkway Transportation Exchange.

A foliage sculpture of ex-Beatle Ringo Starr has come a cropper after a vandal chopped off his head.

Starr, 67, outraged parts of Liverpool in January when, days after opening the city’s European Capital of Culture celebrations, he said he missed nothing about the city.

Poor Ringo. I wish I could work in something along the lines of a dingo ate his head, cuz I’m a dork and Dingo and Ringo rhyme.


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