St. Patrick’s Day and Flogging Molly

Purveyors of that sweet sweet black gold, Guinness is putting the full court press to make St. Patty’s Day an official holiday of sorts on these shores. The Irish brewery, synonymous with the holiday and your drunk uncle Seamus, has launched Proposition 3-17.

Growing up in Boston, we always got St. Patty’s Day off anyway, though the holiday was actually Evacuation Day, so this makes sense in our eyes. Guinness needs 1 million signatures to bring this to Congress, though you wonder if that is actually their plan or if this is just a clever way to drum up free publicity for their beer.

“Guinness and Proposition 3-17 believe that regulated, official holiday would not only reduce the amount of employees missing work in order to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but allow people to officially express their Irishness,” the company says.

And I say why not? It’s already just south of 885,000 signatures.

floggingmollyfloat.jpgSo what does this have to do with the new Flogging Molly album Float? Absolutely nothing, except they are the best Irish punk rock band going. Their fourth studio album was recorded entirely in Ireland and came out in stores last Tuesday, March 4. It’s a tight set of 11 songs, but mostly what you’d expect from a band that combines the fury and brashness of The Clash with the sounds of traditional Irish folk music.

Still, the album is a strong one. I wish Bridget Regan’s fiddle work was toned down a bit more in favor of the banjo, accordian and tin whistle but that is a minor complaint. Frontman Dave King channels the fierce independence of his homeland, as this is certainly the most politically minded album in their ouevre. But it’s a politics of rugged individualism, the kind that won Ireland its independence. He begs of us “hey now stay proud” and the album is imbued with the sense of not floating in an ethereal sense, but off keeping our heads above the water and surviving long enough.

The album doesn’t tread new territory for the band, in fact compared to their third album A Mile From Home, this one seems like a sonic regression, however, it’s emotionally more direct and punches harder to the gut than their previous efforts. Highly recommended for fans or Irish music or those looking for something vastly different than the cornucopia or indie rock that is out there.


Flogging Molly
Mp3: “Us or Lesser Gods”
Mp3: “You Won’t Make a Fool Out of Me”
Video: “Paddy’s Lament”
Video: “Requiem for a Dying Song”
Also: King talks about his move back to Ireland in this interview.

Float is out now via Side One Dummy Records. (Which means you should buy it cuz St. Patty’s Day is approaching fast)

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