Stay Positive

The Hold Steady swung by Letterman on Wednesday night. We know we’re late in getting around to this, but shit we were watching The Watchmen trailer all day yesterday. Anyway, the band played “Sequestered In Memphis” and even got to work some comedy chops in a skit, well, at least singer Craig Finn was in a skit.

Their new album Stay Positive is out now on Vanguard Records and we like it a lot. We’re not sure if we like it more than Boys and Girls in America but it’s been on non-stop rotation all week. Pitchfork gave it an 8.4. And though we generally detest Pitchfork their review of the album was pretty good.

I love how Finn seems to be milking every moment of his new found rock star status. It’s always great to watch a band that never expected to have success find it the most; still, he needs to work on his stage moves. But he’s a rock star! Which he goofs on in the skit.

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