Stream Drive-By Truckers

brighterthancreationsdark.jpgThough the album won’t be (legally) available until tomorrow, you’d be wise to head over to CMJ and stream the new Drive-By Truckers album, Brighter Than Creation’s Dark. First thoughts is that the album clocks in at a whopping 19-tracks. Holy moly, in this iTunes epoch that’s enough for a double album. But at least they’re giving people their money’s worth.

The Athens, Ga. band recently said goodbye to Jason Isbell, but from the sounds of the new album they haven’t lost a step. They’re still churning out their glorious brand of Southern-gothic rock. Gothic, in the Shirley Jackson vein not in the Marilyn Manson vein. Cuz, that would just be weird. Anyway, for my money, if you’re looking for a band that has a sort of classic Americana rock sound, then you could do much worst than Patterson Hood’s outfit. Lots of great slide guitar, melancholy stories and windows-rolled-down rockers.

Also: Patterson has taken the time to do a song by song write up on the new album, which is even better than liner notes. Just in case you need something to read along with as you listen to their new album.

Brighter Than Creation’s Dark is out Tues. January 22 via New West Records.

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