Stream new Sigur Ros

Yeah, the Icelandic band might be one of the world’s best and I haven’t the faintest idea what they’ve ever sung about. But you’ve got to love any band that is this inventive both structurally and melodically. Bonus points for their invented language of Hopelandic (that’s what the majority of their albums are sung in).

Anyhow, Sigur Ros’s new album, Me? su? ? eyrum vi? spilum endalaust comes out DRM-free on June 23rd. In case you care the album title translates to: “With a buzz in our ears we play endlessly” (or could just be a lame Stereogum prank but whatevs, it’s got a nice ring to it).

After giving it a cursory listen to, I’m inclined to think it’s another top notch effort and Deaf Indie Elephants were right in their assessment of the album. “A solid album, I really wanted more risk from the band but at least I?m happy with those ?popish? short songs. And let?s be honest, when it comes to Sigur R?s, is mandatory to listen epic songs, with a lot of ?aaauuuuuu?, ?yus??, goosebumps and a little smile at the end.”

Listen for yourself.

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