Sunday Morning Coming Down

Thanks Big Tim for ruining my Sunday morning.? Seriously, when deprived of caffeine after some late night concert going one should never have something like this stare them in the face. You know considering the heart attack and all.? I almost, I said almost, shed a tear right there in Starbucks.

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Also: Damn, that Blind Pilot, Village Green, Team Evil and The Skinnyz show last night at the Doug Fir was the shit.? I haven’t been able to find any photos (need to get a camera with better battery life) or write ups of it this morning.? But the Doug Fir hasn’t been that packed or buzzing with energy all summer.

The Village Green have called it quits and it turned out to be a solo show of sorts for lead singer J. Nicholas Allard.? He had a sort of Gram Parsons/Lyle Lovett thing going on and it’s always a blast to hear genuine country music from people who don’t live near Nashville.

More than anything keep your ears out for Blind Pilot and True Evil.? Blind Pilot is the real deal right now, they’ve got a 70’s country-rock vibe (lots of violin, organ, slide guitar and banjo) but the lead singer is just amazing.? He’s got a voice like smooth honeyed scotch.? The kind of voice that just penetrates straight past your heart and knocks you in the gut.? And I expect Team Evil to hit their stride in a year or two.? Right now they are just so raw, but you can tell just by listening to them that they are going to be something special.

I would be remiss to say that The Skinnyz play some great rock music – scuzzy, riff heavy power pop but exceptionally well crafted.

Hard to say which band left the best impression, but all four left me wanting and eager to hear more.

Update: I forgot to include this little nugget from last night.? Overheard to late-30-something dudes talking.? Guy one goes, “Can you believe that chick that McCain picked.? She’s kinda hot and is raising her four-month old baby with Down Syndrome.”? To which Guy #2 says with a totally straight face, no hint of sarcasm or anything, “Yeah, she probably should’ve aborted it.”? I nearly lost my shit, but I couldn’t help but think of that exchange all morning given that the baby may or may not actually be Sarah Palin’s.? And yeah, the Republicans cleaned up her wikipedia page.? Also, she’s a creationist.? But you wonder why Conservatives hate Liberals, it’s for the callousness of comments like those.? Even if they are pretty funny.

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