Tapes ‘N Tapes do “Hang Them All” on Conan

I don’t think I’m the only one who doesn’t gets the appeal of Tapes N Tapes. They’re good for sure. And after making some noise with their first album The Loon, it’s not surprising that music snob rag Pitchfork has decided to utterly trash their second album, the just released Walk it Off.

But this isn’t a commentary on Pitchfork’s mercurial practices, it’s more a question of what does a band do when they’re not afforded the time to become a band? You know when they haven’t paid their dues at club shows, figured out their voice, etc. It’s an essay someone should tackle because it’s something that will ultimately dampen the music industry. There are a litany of bands like this. Is it just more pronounced with the rise of the Mp3 blogs? Who knows.

“Hang Them All” has a great guitar riff and is certainly a propulsive track.

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