The Boy Least Likely To – “The First Snowflake”

England’s The Boy Least Likely To hasn’t been heard from in a few years, due to record label collapses and whatnot their new album has been sitting on a shelf.  Thankfully, it’ll be released in March 2009.  I like what I’m hearing from the duo and this song is perfect for kicking off winter and the holidays.

Law of the Playground is out March 9th and has an awesome album cover. Here’s the tracklist:

The Law of the Playground
1) Saddle up
2) Balloon on a broken string (Mp3)
3) When life gives me lemons i make lemonade
4) I box up all the butterflies
5) The boy with two hearts
6) Stringing up conkers
7) The boy least likely to is a machine
8) Whiskers
9) Every goliath has its david
10) The nature of the boy least likely to
11) I keep myself to myself
12) The worm forgives the plough
13) A fairytale ending

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