The National debut a new song in Denmark

Only recently have I started to come around to The National. It’s not that I didn’t like them, but I just never felt them in the way that so many people seem so feverish towards them. You wouldn’t get an argument from me if you told me you loved The National, it’s just well, that’s where you and I would differ.

They always came across as calculated for maximum critical adulation. The baritone voice, the tight song arrangements, the cryptic yet poetic lyrics, the fluttering of horns, the way songs would crescendo at just the right moment.

Last night in Copenhagen, Denmark, the band debuted the song “A Thousand Black Cities.” No indication if this is the start of the band prepping new material for a follow-up to Boxer. The new song has all the trademarks you would expect from the band, but it has a little more slink to it. It’s a sexy song, with great horn arrangements and a wonderful outro.

[via IGIF]

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