The Terrordactyls


Sophistication is childlike whimsy. The Terrordactyls, the duo otherwise known as Michael Cadiz and Tyrel Stendahl, are sort of a direct descendent of Daniel Johnston and Frank Zappa. It’s the only two musical references I can think of for these guy’s unique blend of pop tunes.

It’s almost better to imagine them as a fictional creation, creating strange music in their bedrooms with nothing more than the instruments of their childhood: kazoos, zylophones, play pianos, etc.

terrordactyls-cd.jpgThey are almost goofy in their approach to song writing on their debut eponymous album [BUY]; their lyrics devestating non sequitors, the melodies catchy enough to bring you back for more of leave you humming their tunes long after you’ve put the album back on the shelf.

The thing is, they managed to nab Kimya Dawson of The Moldy Peaches (and Juno Soundtrack fame) to record the song “Devices” with them. Which means the illusion of these guys sitting in their bedrooms with a tape recorder is just that. Still, part of me wishes more music with this regressive, was more like the music we invented in our heads playing with our toys and reenacting the emotional impact of some alternative version of ourselves.

I dare you not to smile.

Mp3: The Terrordactyls – “Devices”
Mp3: The Terrordactyls – “Long Live the Party” (Andrew WK cover)
Mp3: The Terrordactyls – “Fall”
The Terrordactyls
The Terrordactyls Live:
03/01 Olympia, WA 1502 Legion Way
03/06 Seattle, WA Fusion Cafe
03/07 Seattle, WA The Vera Project
03/08 Portland, OR Kurt?s House
03/09 Oakland, CA Ghost House Gallery
03/10 Santa Barbara, CA The Oven
03/11 Phoenix, AZ The Phix
03/12 Austin, TX SXSW Fanatic Promotion Showcase
03/21 Durham, NC Bull City HQ
04/02 New York, NY The Canal Room
04/08 New York, NY Pianos
04/13 Columbus, OH Wholly Craft
04/20 Denver, CO Rhinoceropolis

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