The tipping point for rock shows

New Yorker music writer Sasha Frere-Jones has a short piece on how certain music fans tip at bars during shows.? It was inspired by his bartender friend Amy Korb at the Bowery during a recent weekend.? And yes, the bartenders are judging you when you order drinks.

Word to the wise, however.? A tip is just that.? Just because you’re a bartender doesn’t mean people are required to tip your shitty service.? Still, though, their wage depends on it so if you don’t tip then you’re just cheap and inconsiderate.? Always tip a buck per drink and you’ll be a-okay.? Want really great service for an entire night?? Toss a bartender like $10 on your first drink and you’ll never have to wait in line.? That’s a promise.

?If you can?t afford to tip, don?t buy a drink,? she said to me, and to no one. She elaborated: ?In a music venue, like-minded people get together. They like the same music, they like the same liquor. They also seem to have been socialized together, and they usually tip the same.? […]

?When Chromeo played, their crowd drank house vodka and Budweiser. Didn?t tip. Some of them did what I?ll call the slide-backs. They put a dollar down on the bar, wait until you turn your back, then palm their buck and walk away. Classy. When your night starts out with ?What?s your cheapest drink?? that?s also not good.?

But it can’t be all that bad can it?

?Hard rockers, the bourbon drinkers. Priestess and Bogmen fans are in a league of their own. The Priestess crowd are here to see the show, not to hook up. They go hard on bourbon and Irish whiskey, usually Jameson, Jack, and Maker?s Mark with beer. I won?t get stiffed and will often get two dollars a drink.

There?s nothing like the Bogmen crowd. It?s nearly impossible to keep the Bud Light stocked in the cooler or the Ketel on the shelf. They draw investment bankers, guys who shout and get inappropriate, but, damn, they need that Bud Light, and they are not tight-fisted.

Lesson of the story is that indie/dirty rock kids are cheap (obvs.) and that aging investment bankers listening to cock rock are loose with their wallets (obvs.).

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