Vampire Weekend Promote Safe Sex

We’ve largely avoided writing about Vampire Weekend. Not because we don’t marginally enjoy their debut album, but because it felt so superfluous to do so. They’ve been interviewed, hyped, and backlashed recently more than any other band.

Whether it’s because bandmates Ezra Koenig, Rostam Batmanglij, Christopher Tomson and Chris Baiothey come from wealthy families and don’t try to hide that, or they went to Columbia, or that they seem to rip off Paul Simon or co-opt African pop music or whatever the reason you’ve got to wonder why everyone on the internets is so passionate about the band.

Their debut is a fine collection. It’s innocuous pop music, that certainly borrows heavily from reggaeton, ska and African rhythms.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this is because the band just shot a PSA for MTV regarding Safe Sex. It’s sort of funny in a way. They drop several references for condoms that would make Juno McDuff proud and the girl on the bus looks like she’s ready to pounce. I’ll be honest and admit I never knew condoms could be called a “Huckabee.” But I think that’s my preferred nomenclature from now on, given how <sarcasm>awesome</sarcasm> Mike Huckabee is.

The PSA actually makes me want to forget all the crap flung at the band and really give them a chance, it shows they have a decent sense of humor and are also concerned with what is no doubt a serious issue for young kids. That whole unprotected sex thing.

The song in the background of the PSA is “M79” which actually sounds like a song from The Royal Tennenbaums soundtrack, but I can’t place the song I’m thinking of. Anyone know? Also, “A Punk” is one of the best songs of the year; don’t care what anyone else says. And the video ain’t bad either.

Mp3: Vampire Weekend – “M79”
Mp3: Vampire Weekend – “Boston”

Vampire Weekend is out now via XL Records.

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