We’re back with some random thoughts

This past week has sucked unholy hell.? It’s tough not being able to do anything for something you put so much effort in.? But basically this week has been a wash, so I hope ya’ll will still stick around.? We’re probably going to stay in tonight and catch up assorted stuff.? The good news is that our week was significantly better than John McCain’s.?

Man, that was just brutal to watch wasn’t it?? (randomly google things like “John McCain’s bad week” and there are stories posted about the week that should have ended his presidential bid going back to April 2008)? It would be really funny if it wasn’t possible for him to be president.? I say this as someone who’s scared of what that would be like.? Not scared of a Republican president, but John McCain specifically.

So much happened this week, it’s hard to keep track of it all.? So what were the highlights?? I dunno. Nothing really pops out at me early this morning. I totally dig the new Jack White and Alicia Keys Bond Theme.? It’s different, but kind of cool. And certainly better than Chris Cornell’s theme song and for that matter everything in the Pierce Brosnan ouevre.

We woulda had more thoughts contained here within, but again my stupid hosting company (which has now taken the top spot on my shit list even ahead of the stupid bearded McLovin look alike hipster who felt it necessary to rock out to his heart’s content at the Starfucker show last night even though a) there was no room to dance unless he was trying to grind up on me and b) he looked apallingly ridiculous doing that weird indie rock white man’s overbite/rave style mashup and c) the cute girl you were with almost certainly did not go home with you despite your best efforts) doesn’t have their shit together and the majority of this post, i.e. all of it, was lost due to a server malfunction this morning. Of course they told me the problem has been fixed about three times now.

Honestly, I am a mild-mannered person bordering on comatose, but right now there is so much rage boiling inside of me, that I pray for everyone in my life to not set me off. It almost happened while driving to work between sitting at a train crossing for 25-minutes and getting cutoff by some asshole in a Porsche.

Deep breaths.

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