Why 2 min 42 sec. is the perfect length for a pop song

TMN’s Joshua Allen explains to everybody in overexagerrated prose why the perfect length for a pop song is two minutes and 42 seconds long. Even though everybody, including Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, knows the perfect length is a very scientific 3 min and 26 sec.

Still, you gotta love the guy’s passion.

I yearn to?in the words of Boston?lose myself in a familiar song, close my eyes, and slip awaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Here?s the problem: ?More Than a Feeling? is four minutes and 47 fucking seconds long. I don?t have time for that kind of nonsense. That?s, like, one-seventh of my recreation right there.

Don?t get me wrong, slugger. I love ?More Than a Feeling.? Those who don?t are your basic a-holes. But it?s like: We get it. The riff, the handclaps, the 10,000 multi-tracked guitars?nice. But then there?s another verse and another chorus and infinity more solos and just a really ridiculous amount of balderdash. […]

The scientists then dug up this song by a group that pretty much defines one-hit wonder: the La?s. The song is ?There She Goes,? and is so flawless that it instantly made everything else the band did pointless. This ditty is two minutes and 42 seconds, and is all about songwriting economy.

I listened to it and said, in my rich and sonorous timbre, in my typically concise and absolutely-nailing-it fashion: ?Here is a song that has everything I need and nothing I don?t.?

A man that can base a psuedo-scientific theory that hangs on the crux of “There She Goes” has some big cajones. And in case you need proof, well, he’s supplied the audio pudding in muxtape form.

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