Willie Nelson sings “Gravedigger”


As part of his upcoming album, country-legend, IRS outlaw, stoned immaculate icon Willie Nelson has dropped a new video to help promote things. It’s a cover of Dave Matthew’s tune “Gravedigger” from his 2003 solo LP Some Devil. Didn’t care much for the original, but with Willie’s aged quaking voice and um, experience? he truly elevates the somber material and adds layers of depth to the themes of impending death.

Two caveat’s however. One we miss Dave’s snarling emotion in the song and two, it comes off feeling very similar to the Johnny Cash move from a few years ago. But still we gotta give the love to these guys while they’re still kicking it.

Head over here to see the video. And to listen to a stream of the song head over to Lost Highway.

Moment Of Forever, featuring songs penned by Bobby Dylan, Randy Newman and Kris Kristofferson and the IRS outlaw himself is out 1/29 on Lost Highway.

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