Winehouse is writing a Bond Theme

winehouseronson.jpgIt’s just not official. Sorry for the yes she is, no she isn’t, but it seems that Amy Winehouse and producer Mark Ronson are working on a theme for the new Bond flick Quantum of Solace. It’s just that the song is more of an audition. Seems that producers like to have an open competition.

“They asked Amy, and I think Amy said that if she did it, she’d want to do it with me. So hopefully something will come of it,” Ronson told the BBC’s Music Week’s show. “The demo sounds like a James Bond theme, hopefully. But I don’t know if it’ll get used.”

He added: “I’m sure there are loads more really famous people that probably we’re competing with and we don’t know about. I’m not sure. But hopefully I’ll still be alive for at least 12 more Bond themes. If we don’t get this one maybe we’ll get another one.”

sharon-jones.jpgInterestingly enough, (according to Wikipedia so you know swallow with huge chunks of rock salt) there have been alternative themes for the majority of Bond movies. Blondie, Alice Cooper, The Pretenders, Saint Etienne, The Cardigans and The Pet Shop Boys have all recorded theme songs of their own over the years. That would make a dope compilation if someone could dig up old Mp3’s of lost Bond Theme songs. Who wouldn’t want to buy that.

I’d propose to throw another name into the ring. That of Sharon Jones. Her backing band The Dap Kings basically played all the music on Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black album, so while Winehouse got all the love for her “retro soul” sound it was an actual soul band that provided the goods. Sharon Jones is so much better than Winehouse. It’s like comparing Mike Jordan and Vince Carter.

Only one is the real deal. Plus you don’t have to worry about Sharon Jones smoking crack during the recording sessions. Call that bonus number two.

Mp3: Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings – “100 Days, 100 Nights”
Mp3: Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings – “Humble Me”

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