Yacht Rock takes on Footloose

Probably the apex of internet film making rest on the shoulders of a bunch of guys who dress up like Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, The Doobie Brothers and other 70’s/80’s soft rockers.? With the help of trusty Hollywood Steve, the tell the “true” stories behind some of your favorite soft rock hits.

It’s all pretty absurd fun, especially if you’re a fan of music, VH1’s Behind the Music or um, Kenny Loggins.? Welcome to Yacht Rock!

What’s become a mini-cultural phenomenon started with JD Ryznar, Hunter Stair and Lane Farnham for the venerable LA instituition Channel 101. ? It ended after a 10 episode run, but thankfully they were able to get together for another episode of Yacht Rock.

This time around Jason Lee makes a strong cameo as Kevin Bacon, Jimmy Buffet plays a villain and through it all we learn how the song “Footloose” was written.

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