25 albums worth listening to from start to finish

The AV Club gives propers to albums worth listening in their entirety, in this day and age of the iTunes shuffle and the single track.  The 25 albums listed are worthy of turning the shuffle off and listening from the first track to the last.

The list is packed with the expected (Pink Floyd) and the not so expected (Frank Sinatra), but delivers lots of pleasure.  The staff really did their homework by selecting great albums, even including one of my favorites from 2008 – The Parenthetical Girls’s Entanglements.  Of course, there’s love for Neutral Milk Hotel and that will always score big with us. 

As much as we love playlists and shufffles, there’s something to be said about a band or artist that takes the time to craft 12 or so  songs that flow and provide a dramatic arc while listening to them.  These albums don’t make sense to listen to out of sequence, nor does listening to only one or two songs do the artist justice.  [via Kottke]

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