Blind Pilot does Daytrotter

BPdaytrotterPortland’s Blind Pilot recorded a session for Daytrotter and it’s finally gone live.  While on tour the band hopped into the studio to record four songs, all of them from their debut album 3 Rounds and a Sound.

I’m going to keep posting about Blind Pilot in the hopes that I turn every reader into a Blind Pilot acolyte.  They’re that good.

When they tour in Portland they usually have about nine members jamming on stage and I can’t help but think that five of them are 100% indisposable.

Most big bands go through lineup changes often enough that it’s no big deal, but when I listen to them live, it feels like everyone from lead singer Israel Nebeker (serious sleepy dude heartthrob potential), multi-instrumentalist Kati Claborn (I’m in love with her musicality and her potential as America’s next musical sweetheart), drummer Ryan Dobrowski, the upright bass player and the slide-guitarist/trumpeter are all essential to the band’s success.  Which is not to belittle the contributions of the xylophone man or the violinists, it’s just you know.  I could conceive of them being replaced if that bridge ever gets crossed.

Anyway, go to Daytrotter, download the tunes, check them out, fall in love, come back and discuss.  Especially the reworked “3 Rounds and a Sound” that’s played with a ukelele and “The Story I Heard” that has some great xylophone work and electric guitar — like Dylan in ’65!

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