Blitzen Trapper – “Cocaine Blues”

Over the last year, more than a lot of bands, Blitzen Trapper have made the leap.  You know what I mean?  With Wild Mountain Nation they made lots of peeps’s ear perk up and with 2008’s Furr it seemed like they made the entire music community hear them.

They’ve got lots of people’s attention.  Here they’re covering “Cocaine Blues,” but not the Johnny Cash version.  This one is a cover of Reverend Gary Davis.

I think Blitzen Trapper’s show at the Wonder Ballroom with the Parson Red Heads was one of my fav shows in 2008.  At one point they had everyone in both bands up on stage shaking the stage and furiously banging the shit out of anything available.

Big thanks to the folks at Giggling Ostritch (via YANP).

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