Blur at Glastonbury 2009 – they brought it

Blur, recently reunited and rust free, apparently tore it up last night at Glastonbury.

Glastonbury 2009 has been mocked for it’s “dad-rock” leanings with the likes of Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, but Blur triumphed by the sheer energy, excitement and a barrage of hit after hit after hit song.

“Girls and Boys literally throbs with sordid energy, Song 2 sees the crowd threatening to pogo themselves off the earth’s axis, and Parklife turns every man, woman and anarcho-crustie into a cockney geeza,” writes Tim Jonze.

But what got to me, what made me wish I was there was this: “Because tonight’s headline slot is not just about the music. It’s not even about nostalgia. It’s about friendship – and the truly heartwarming sight of two best friends throwing aside their differences and starting afresh.”

At it’s best, music and a rock show is like hanging out with your best friend — the person who comforts you, who titillates you, who infuriates you, who makes you revel in the good times and forget the bad times.

More: The Guardian breaks down the entire weekend festival.

Update: Thanks to we already have a BBC2 radio rip of Blur’s performance so you can judge for yourself. Of course, half the fun of these concerts are being there amongst the crowd. Grab the entire concert here.

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