Blur Reunion Show in Essex, UK

Over the weekend about 150 family and friends of Blur were treated to what amounted to a greatest hits show, as the reunited four-piece (first time in almost a decade) get back into the groove of things.

The East Anglian Railway Museum also happened to be the site of their first public performance back in 1988 (ahhhh).

Push comes to shove, Blur is on my shortlist for my favorite band. Every album from Modern Life is Rubbish through Think Tank offers suprising pleasures and nuggets of various musical stylings.

“Coffee & TV”


Luckily, the entire show was practically recorded for our viewing pleasure.

It’s great that Alex James and Dave Rowntree can still bring it, despite their day jobs as food writer for The Independent and Labour Party politician, respectively.

How good is Blur? For any fan the setlist will leave you drooling in jealousy that you aren’t one of their 150 family or friends, for others the following list of 26 ditties is an excellent primer to dive into Blur-fandom.

The setlist:
01 “She’s So High”
02 “Girls And Boys”
03 “Tracy Jacks”
04 “There’s No Other Way”
05 “Jubilee”
06 “Badhead”
07 “Beetlebum”
08 “Trimm Trabb”
09 “Coffee & TV”
10 “Tender”
11 “Country House”
12 “Charmless Man”
13 “Colin Zeal”
14 “Oily Water”
15 “Chemical World”
16 “Sunday Sunday”
17 “Parklife”
18 “End Of A Century”
19 “To The End”
20 “This Is A Low”
21 “Popscene”
22 “Advert”
23 “Song 2”
24 “Out Of Time”
25 “Battery In Your Leg”
26 “Essex Dogs”
27 “For Tomorrow”
28 “The Universal”

NME has additional details. [via Vulture / Stereogum]

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