Brian Wilson completes George Gershwin

Interesting.  The George Gershwim estate has given permission to Brian Wilson so that he can complete some of the composer’s unfinished songs.

Todd Gershwin said a collection of several dozen song fragments, ranging from “a few bars to some almost finished songs and everything in between” had been sitting virtually untouched for more than seven decades. He and other trustees began reaching out in the last year or two to find contemporary artists who might be interested in completing those musical bits and pieces.

Wilson, who says “Rhapsody in Blue” is his earliest musical memory, said the pieces he’s working with are very likely to remain as instrumentals, and that they could easily wind up as three-minute pop songs. But he’s also holding open the possibility of expanding them to more substantive pieces.

There are few musicians alive I’d want fudging around any unfinished Gershwin pieces, but Brian Wilson would be at the top of that list.  For some reason it feels right.

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